The evolution of the shower: how digital technologies have improved the bathroom environment The bathroom environment has undergone a radical transformation in recent decades thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies. One of the most significant innovations is the use of touchscreen technologies and digital control for the shower. These developments have revolutionized the way […]

Mixing goes electronic with “Wow touch shower”. New at Aquaelite: electronic touchscreen mixers with integrated ECO function that can be installed in all shower environments.  The Wow Touch Shower represents a sophisticated innovation in the world of shower mixers, offering an advanced and highly customisable user experience. Featuring a touchscreen with two separate panels, this […]

AQUAELITE shower heads with chromotherapy: colours of well-being in the bathroom environment Chromotherapy is a natural remedy based on the belief and conviction that people’s psycho-physical well-being can be influenced by the benefits propagated by colours. More specifically, the basis of colour therapy is the stimulation of the body’s self-healing processes, influencing moods. How chromotherapy […]