A new privileged
point of view, Yours

Space for sensations, well-being and moments to oneself.
AQUAELITE proposes a new exciting and modern bathroom concept, the place where the shower becomes the protagonist and meets design, innovation, attention to detail and customisation.

Focus on the
product and innovative design

Aesthetics, attention to detail and quality: these are the values that guide us in proposing an innovative and entirely made in Italy design.

Our products are designed looking at environmental sustainability and water saving.

Our extensive catalogue of finishes allows you to choose the most suitable solution for your aesthetic and functional needs.

Our taste for unique and inimitable design is Italian. The care we put into every single product is Italian too.

Immerse yourself in the Aquaelite world •
Immerse yourself in the Aquaelite world •

The space dedicated to new creations has never been so wide.