Choosing bathroom furniture for Hotels: AQUAELITE solutions In tourist-receptive spaces, bathroom furnishings certainly represent a very important calling card in the eyes of the customer. The bathroom environment today is perceived as a small oasis of relaxation and well-being where one can devote oneself in complete relaxation. Hence the need for architects and interior designers […]

AQUAELITE shower heads with chromotherapy: colours of well-being in the bathroom environment Chromotherapy is a natural remedy based on the belief and conviction that people’s psycho-physical well-being can be influenced by the benefits propagated by colours. More specifically, the basis of colour therapy is the stimulation of the body’s self-healing processes, influencing moods. How chromotherapy […]

The importance of environmental sustainability in the design of AQUAELITE shower systems. Now at the center of many international debates, sustainability is among the most pressing issues facing contemporary society. This is where design, one of the most artificial human-generated activities, comes in. Based on the design of objects, this practice underlies development and progress […]

Innovation, tradition and experience: welcome to the AQUAELITE world. AQUAELITE is a company specializing in the production and manufacture of elegant and innovative shower systems carefully designed through continuous and relentless research. AQUAELITE is synonymous with exclusively Made in Italy high-quality designer accessories, advanced technologies and craftsmanship expertise. This combination has made our products and […]