AQUAELITE, an encounter between traditional craftsmanship and digital technology

tecnologia Aquaelite

Innovation, tradition and experience: welcome to the AQUAELITE world.

AQUAELITE is a company specializing in the production and manufacture of elegant and innovative shower systems carefully designed through continuous and relentless research.

AQUAELITE is synonymous with exclusively Made in Italy high-quality designer accessories, advanced technologies and craftsmanship expertise. This combination has made our products and solutions distinctive for decades.
A long business that has been handed down from father to son for over forty years that still relies on manual labor in many areas of production.
Even though we are in an age where technology and the consequent digitization of some of the industrial production processes has led to an automation of the manufacturing stages, many of these stages are still carried out by hand within our factory in Gavirate in the province of Varese.

At the same time, however, we were among the first to fully embrace the digital transformation by pursuing the idea of offering stylish and designer products for cutting-edge, HI-Tech bathroom furniture.

Our production philosophy is delineated by labile boundaries between traditional craftsmanship and advanced and innovative digital technology.

The technological world of AQUAELITE
Minimal is the most HI-Tech collection in the AQUAELITE proposal. Touch screen controllers, LED lights, ultra-thin and modern profiles encapsulate the top of research in technology and design. Digital product solutions for the bathroom with the aim of conveying a multisensory experience, true answers to the search for well-being. With just a touch on the control panel with water-resistant LED button, you can quickly experience choreographies and modes of water flow pressure and RGB light effects for a unique atmosphere.

The artisanal world of AQUAELITE
Highly specialized machinery combines with the expertise, precision and long-standing experience of the personalities of the AQUAELITE Team. An experienced and meticulous eye makes all the difference when examining and inspecting products during their production. This means that during the finishing, plating and polishing stages, there is a great deal and quality of handwork done in detail.

The perfect combination of “handmade” work and high technology is inescapable. From the development of innovative new product ideas to the actual manufacture and assembly, all stages of production take place in the Gavirate plant, set in the beautiful setting of the 7 lakes: here the products intended for your well-being are entrusted to the skilled hands of our employees. Over the years we have come to realize that this is one of the forms of quality assurance we provide for our products. Quality that is also expressed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design and manufacture of accessories and components for the sanitary sector.

The customization of projects

“AQUAELITE makes wishes come true“: the company’s strength and payoff. Today, in a short period of time, we are able to realize tailor-made and customized projects.

The attention to detail that belongs to us allows customers to furnish their bathroom if it is private or their wellness area in the case of contract, with products that are not standardized but, on the contrary, unique and with performing technical solutions.

AQUAELITE’s brand ambition
AQUAELITE is growing steadily, both in the Italian market and in foreign markets.

The secret of this growth? Precisely the quality of the products we offer, made with extreme care and attention. This is complemented by the trust of the people we work with and the speed with which we are able to respond to the demands of our market. The study of the project, which includes both the aesthetic point of view and the choice of materials, and the production process are the bet and the strength of an authentic Made in Italy brand.

Nowadays, a social trend has developed that appreciates the origin and processing of products, and more and more people are willing to invest in high-quality products. All the more so if they are sustainable products for which they investigate where and under what circumstances they are made.

We are Italian, and Italians are our raw materials and our taste for design. And Italian above all is the marriage of culture and experience of the company’s employees. For us this is a statement of origin, a cornerstone of our philosophy as well as a promise of quality.

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