Sustainability and design: two key elements for AQUAELITE.

The importance of environmental sustainability in the design of AQUAELITE shower systems.

Now at the center of many international debates, sustainability is among the most pressing issues facing contemporary society. This is where design, one of the most artificial human-generated activities, comes in. Based on the design of objects, this practice underlies development and progress and, consequently, related “pollution.” Design begins to ask questions about how it can help save the planet through concrete actions aimed at promoting behaviors that can have positive effects on the environment.

Here the concept of sustainability and “green design” emerges with a more global meaning, sweeping not only the ecological sphere but also the economic and social spheres. The function of the element becomes the main theme in the face of the issue of environmental preservation, demonstrating that this renewed love of ethics and sustainability, brings back handcrafting and craftsmanship as key elements of a project that fully espouses these concepts.

AQUAring and anti-drop: AQUAELITE’s water-saving technologies.

The concept of sustainability has a long history; it is since the second half of the last century that the environmental issue has taken center stage, when man’s approach shifted from a culture based on “remedying the damage” to increasingly overt preventive interventions. Prevention that was initially applied to industrial processes through the use of cutting-edge technologies and then to products: the production world of AQUAELITE is composed of the latest generation of machinery that, together with qualified personnel, enables production in complete respect for the environment by avoiding waste and rationally employing resources.

AQUAring and anti-drop are the two water distribution systems designed precisely to minimize waste.

The former is a water diffusion system that, combined with the special design of the internal cartridges of shower heads and the use of flow restrictors, allows for products that deliver as little as 9lt/min, providing high performance with reduced water consumption while maintaining optimal comfort.

The second, on the other hand, is an anti-drip system, which allows the jet to stop immediately when the water is shut off, thus ensuring water savings.

Sustainable design starts from the production process.

Over the years, design for sustainability has been enriched and articulated with new content by integrating it into the entire production process: from the selection of resources with low environmental impact to product life cycle design and eco-efficient system design.

From materials to energy sources, requiring designers to have specific skills in selecting non-toxic and non-harmful solutions.

AQUAELITE takes the lead in this debate, making elegant and innovative shower systems through the use of noble and recyclable materials such as 316 stainless steel. Using the very words of Paolo Civelli, founder and CEO of AQUAELITE, “316 stainless steel is the top, and above all it is compatible with all environmental regulations.”
Made in Italy raw materials are carefully selected in line with the strictest international certifications.
Design choices are not only matters of product morphology and architecture, but also of relationship within the path the material takes to be recycled.

This is referred to as “design for recycling“. It is about the analysis of waste management and the related possibility of recovering its energy content. Put another way, it is about design directions aimed at facilitating the recovery of materials from discarded products. Of fundamental importance is the criterion on which this methodology is based: the design must start with the function of the product, rather than the product itself, because from here it will be possible to assess whether the environmental impact has actually been reduced, and by how much. The design supported by AQUAELITE, is thus based on 4 stages of the production process as follows: pre-production, production, distribution, product use and disposal.

Progress and well-being create a systemic relationship in which the environmental dimension is also included with the prospect of leaving future generations with a quality of life that is not inferior to the present one. The attempt is to expand the understanding of what design could represent by going beyond the object itself. The use of reusable, biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable materials designed with the long life of the product in mind will positively impact the production reality and consequently the environment.

Products carry with them a story related to the people who conceived and designed them, the materials chosen and the manufacturing processes selected.

The natural beauty and valuable ideas around which AQUAELITE products are developed express the company’s attitude to sustainability.

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