Mixing goes electronic with “Wow touch shower”

Mixing goes electronic with "Wow touch shower".

New at Aquaelite: electronic touchscreen mixers with integrated ECO function that can be installed in all shower environments. 

The Wow Touch Shower represents a sophisticated innovation in the world of shower mixers, offering an advanced and highly customisable user experience. Featuring a touchscreen with two separate panels, this mixer stands out for its ease of use and advanced functionality.

The Wow Touch Shower features

The first touchscreen panel allows precise temperature control via a motorised thermostatic mixer, ensuring optimal comfort while showering. The second panel manages the various water functions via an electronic diverter, including an ECO mode that limits the flow to 9 litres per minute. This option not only promotes water sustainability, but also prolongs your relaxation time in the shower with less consumption.

The multi-function electronic diverter allows you to control the different water functions through intuitive icons, offering the possibility of opening several water jets at the same time. In addition, the presence of colour therapy, with control of the shower head’s RGB LED lights, adds a touch of well-being to the shower experience, allowing the selection of customised colours or the activation of an automatic variation.

The design

Un design moderno ed elegante, caratterizzato da due pannelli in vetro nero e retroilluminazione LED bianca che proietta un’atmosfera raffinata sulla parete. L’installazione a filo parete non solo riduce l’ingombro ma facilita anche la pulizia delle superfici, garantendo un ambiente sempre impeccabile.

Wow compatible showerheads

Our touchscreen system integrates perfectly with our overhead showers, offering a wide choice for customising your shower ritual. 

The Modula collection is square in shape and offers distinctive features with a  focus on colour therapy for a unique visual experience. 

For those seeking a recessed ceiling solution that expresses character and dynamism, the Rock collection is the ideal choice. With large dimensions and a structure designed to offer maximum well-being. 

With Wow touch shower the shower ritual revolution begins!

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