SPA Home by Aquaelite, soffione Aqua blue sound  finitura nera

Choosing bathroom furniture for Hotels: AQUAELITE solutions

SPA Home by Aquaelite, soffione Aqua blue sound finitura nera

Choosing bathroom furniture for Hotels: AQUAELITE solutions

In tourist-receptive spaces, bathroom furnishings certainly represent a very important calling card in the eyes of the customer. The bathroom environment today is perceived as a small oasis of relaxation and well-being where one can devote oneself in complete relaxation. Hence the need for architects and interior designers to select furnishing elements that are not just functional ‘accessories’, but solutions that go beyond mere use.

AQUAELITE offers itself as a partner for the realisation of design solutions for hotels with sophisticated, unique and exclusive elements. The basic requirements that a hotel shower enclosure must have is certainly to offer each guest complete physical well-being, pleasing to the eye and with the right dimensions. In order to offer this imagery, a shower solution must be composed of accessories that are a meeting point between comfort, design and technology.

It will therefore be possible to recreate a true private mini-spa within the hotel room to give visitors physical and mental wellbeing by relieving accumulated stress.

doccetta e miscelatore aquaelite in finitura matt black per hotel e spa

Among the details that can make a difference in a shower enclosure are certainly the dimensions: the hotel shower enclosure must be as large as the shower head inside it. The materials of these elements must be of the highest quality to last. This is why AQUAELITE’s choice for its shower heads falls on stainless steel. This material is particularly suitable as it resists moisture and is suitable for counteracting the aggressiveness of detergents over time. It is also a highly hygienic material. Silicone is used for the nozzles, which are responsible for the water outflow in different ways and sizes: the high quality of this material allows it to withstand high water temperatures and above all counteract the build-up of limescale.

AQUAELITE offers hoteliers supplies qualified by the experience and technological innovation with which they are created: the technical staff is highly trained and professional, guaranteeing customised solutions for every need.

The search for new solutions and technologies never stops.

The discovery of AQUA-ring and Anti-Drop systems solve the problem of wasted water in the most common hotel supplies. The first, is a method of distributing water inside the shower heads, designed to maximise product functionality at different water pressure levels and guarantee high performance with limited water consumption even on large showers. The second, is an anti-drip system that prevents water spillage after use of the shower with an immediate stop.  

Cleaning of hard-to-reach parts is also facilitated by the anti-scale system installed on AQUAELITE products.

Now let’s get more specific about the products recommended for hotels and tourist facilities.

AQUAELITE square shower heads

The ceiling is certainly in the foreground if the choice falls on a recessed ceiling or recessed wall shower head. With its square geometric shape and minimalist design, the square shower head gives the bathroom a simple, clean and at the same time organised architecture. These solutions are the first choice if you want a bathroom with a modern style.

Modula Collection

serie Modula by Aquaelite

We have already mentioned the distinctive features of this collection when we talked about chromotherapy in shower heads (read more here). Modula is the AQUAELITE collection that makes the square shape the protagonist.

Techno Collection

Techno by Aquaelite

Pure elegance expressed precisely through the square shape. The lines are bold and clean: the dynamism of the water enhances its stylistic rigidity. The flat, angular surfaces would win over even the most demanding.

AQUAELITE round shower heads

The shape of the overhead shower depends on, or influences, the type of tapware and the rest of the elements that will coexist in the bathroom. If one prefers harmonious combinations with sinuous shapes, the round overhead shower will certainly make its mark.

Ninfea Collection

serie Ninfea by Aquaelite e Alessandro Canepa

Created by emerging designer Alessandro Canepa, this collection is inspired by the soft lines of water lily leaves (click here to read more).

Pop Collection


The modern classic, the round with a thousand variations. Great for those who love sinuous lines. The timeless style and the harmony provided by the curves make it a heterogeneous solution for any bathroom.

AQUAELITE rectangular shower heads

Rock Collection

serie rock by aquaelite

For those looking for recessed ceiling-mounted overhead showers that give the room character, movement and strength to harness water in all its forms: spray, cascade and rain effect. The generously sized products are structured to give maximum well-being.

Club Collection

serie Club by Aquaelite

A collection with slender lines forming a rectangle. Club is a collection with overhead showers that project the surfaces, extend the walls and give the ceiling a design with a strong personality. The planes parallel to the surfaces create a space to integrate water functions and create striking showers.

AQUAELITE has been established over time and has been active for more than 40 years in the realisation of solutions for hotels and luxury accommodation facilities.

Why choose our products?

Because in order to produce successful solutions, one must first have a very thorough understanding of the needs and requirements within the bathroom, and more specifically within the confines of the shower enclosure.

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