The bathroom is tinted black: small details that make the difference


The latest trend in bathroom fittings says goodbye to classic, traditional chrome elements and welcomes a new fashion. AQUAELITE shower heads, columns and shower systems are going black.

Refined, elegant, symbolizing strength. Black, a color so dark but at the same time imposing. It has always been widely used by Interior Designers to give rooms an original and decisive touch.

The infallibility of this color extends to all bathroom accessories, managing to integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture. Attention to these details, which were once considered merely functional, now become design elements, on which the shapes and colors of other accessories depend.

The black soul of Aquaelite

The timelessness of black is expressed through the clean, contemporary lines of our collections-Modula, Ninfea, Club, Spahome & Wellness, Minimal, Rock, Techno, and Pop.


Minimalist design and elegant aesthetics are the hallmarks of SD002A and SD004C, our shower kits with a matte black finish. Their design is easily distinguishable thanks to the versatility with which they adapt to any bathroom, whether classic, modern or contemporary in style. The “total black” of this line takes a starring role in the decoration of the bathroom: SF131B, SF131D, SF132B, SF132D, SF133B, SF133D, SF130B, SF130D, SF129B, SF129D, are perfect for those who prefer a recessed shower head. For those who want to insert side jets inside the shower box to be “pampered” by water, we recommend BJ001A and BJ001B.


Designed by Italian designer Alessandro Canepa, Ninfea is synonymous with nature, beauty and purity. Nature, indeed, was the muse for this design: the varied functionalities of the traditional shower head are broken down and then put back together again at will, just like water lily leaves.

The style proposition of this collection changes the classic conception of the shower experience through the introduction of light and sound. In photo, SF127A and SD015A.





SD127D is a wall-mounted shower head equipped with:

  • Single-jet sprinkler
  • Water ring (water distribution system to maximize product functionality at different pressure levels)
  • Anti-drop (anti-drip system of the shower head when the water is shut off)
  • Advanced system with anti-limestone solution
  • SD015A, on the other hand, is a shower set with water outlet and fixed 3-jet shower holder.


An intersection of subtle lines gives birth to the Club collection, consisting of: ceiling-mounted showerheads, recessed ceiling-mounted showerheads, wall-mounted showerheads, shower sets with rectangular hand shower and square hand shower, and, finally, side and articulated jets. The common element? A design with a strong personality.


SPA wellness right in your home: our products combine the convenience and comfort of integrated thermostatic mixing with electronic touchscreen diverter. For a unique sensory experience, you can transform the traditional home shower with four programs of color therapy and water jet variation. The plus is the built-in Bluetooth audio system, where sounds and lights can be controlled. Again, the matte black finish conveys a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room.


Minimal. Subtle. Modern. These are the features of the collection dubbed “the top of the line” Aquaelite in technology and design. Here is the most HI-Tech collection of the moment, thanks to LED lights, ultra-thin profiles and touch screen controllers. The SF096A and SF079A wall cascades, 170 and 200 millimeters respectively, are the workhorses of this collection. Both available in matte black finish, they are suitable for very large, multifunctional showers. The “cascading” water delivery envelops the person and the entire cabin in 360°. The sound of water breaking on the surface, on the other hand, stimulates mental and physical well-being.


Rock releases within itself an intense soul: character, strength and movement characterize its existence. The elements that make up this collection have important dimensions, the products are multifunctional, to express the ultimate in wellness in all its forms. Pampering yourself under a cascade of warm water, or regenerating under a fine but gentle rain, similar to a tropical downpour is really possible.


The dynamism of water is enhanced by the flat surfaces and edges that determine the stylistic rigidity of Techno. The sharp, clean lines of the showerheads in this line combine functionality with aesthetics. There are those who love to be “pampered” by water, those who seek to awaken all the senses, and those who want to relax their muscles through a targeted jet: many are the functions of our products.


“The modern classic,” “the round in a thousand variations,” “the heterogeneous solution for everyone.” These are the definitions that best describe Pop, the latest collection in which elements with a black finish can be found. SD015A (pictured), best represents the harmony of harmonious shapes with unmistakable design.




Taking care of elements with black finish
Limescale, the worst enemy that forces constant cleaning and sometimes prompts us to give up the black finish.
In reality, it really only takes a few steps to make our showers shine:

  • Use a soft cotton cloth and mild soap to wipe the surface
  • Rinse thoroughly using clean water to remove any soap residue
  • For deep cleaning of the nozzles, wipe them with a damp cloth
    Our advice: to avoid damaging the appearance of your accessories, do not use abrasive sponges, metal straws, chemical solvents, abrasive cleaners or detergents or those containing alcohol, bleach, acids, chlorine, ammonia, microfiber cloths and abrasive foams!

The originality of a shower with a black finish, and more generally of bathroom furniture, is unquestionable. The black detail is in great demand on the market, given its sophistication and versatility: black succeeds in enhancing the room and makes it even easier to choose wall colors. Warm colors with pastel shades or marble effect are the most chic combinations.

Would you like to know all the available products in black finish? Contact us here.